Understanding the importance of English and the needs for developing English skills in studying and at work, IEI have paid more attention to the quality and effectiveness of its English courses. The English courses are to improve English proficiency, increase the applicability in daily studying and working, and communicate confidently in multi-cultural environment. 

Dành cho doanh nghiệp/cơ quan

In the context of economic globalization, the presence of international factors sets requirements in communication in foreign languages. Thus, corporates have set increasing employees’ English proficiency as a prioritized objective to meet the trend of development.

To meet the requirements of each corporate, English courses at IEI are designed with high suitability regardless of business fields and job functions. The main purpose of the courses is improve communication English skills and specialized English abilities.

The course includes:

  • Communication English
  • Communication English for international business
  • English for testing
  • Specialized English 

Dành cho trường học

The English course helps students increase English proficiency and prepare for international certificates. The team of foreign teachers with high expertise and suitable teaching method creates an active and comfortable learning environment where students study confidently and improve their skills continuously.

In addition, the method of direct communication associated with technological tools help students practice more effectively. Through the strict assessment system, students are able to see the improvement in their English ability upon completion.

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