GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a test on academic ability through language uses, math and writing assignment. The GMAT score is uses as one of the most important assessment criteria for over 6,000 master programs on business and management around the world.

Why should you study at IEI?

  • IEI is the first institute teaches GMAT in HCMC with over 50 courses.
  • The lecturers have rich teaching experiences and the curriculum is updated frequently.
  • The studying environment is highly effective.
  • Each student is advised to prepare for the test in the most appropriate approach on the condition of their personal requirements and abilities. 

Doanh nghiệp/cơ quan

Course content

The course helps students:

  • Understand the test structure, academic and mathematic terms used in the test
  • Practice and improve logic and reasoning skill
  • Develop strategy for completing the test
  • Have the know-how to solve difficult and logic-intensive questions
  • Apply working and studying experience in doing the test

Trường học


Admission requirements: IELTS ≥ 4.5, iBT TOEFL ≥ 46 or equivalent.

Students who do not have IELTS/iBT TOEFL certificate are recommended to register for the placement test at IEI.

Placement test

The test is on 4 skills in 100 minutes. The schedule of the test is as below:

Mon, Wed and Fri:     2pm – 6pm

Sat:                              8am – 12pm

Course schedule:

Mon, Wed, Fri:           6pm – 9 pm

Tue, Thurs, Sat:           6pm – 9 pm

Special offer (*)

Off 5% tuition fees for new students registering 1 week before opening day

Off 10% tuition fees for returned students registering 1 week before opening day

(*)Not applied in conjunction with other discount schemes

Please contact IEI for consultancy of course openings.

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