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Graduate Education

In the context of the working environment with high requirements and increasing challenges, each individual strives to gain more advantages through acquiring new and updated knowledge with higher education.

With nearly 20-year experience, IEI is proud to be the pioneer in operating cooperation education programs at master level. IEI has partnered with respectable universities accredited by SACS, NCACS, AACSB, ABET, etc. around the world. At IEI, the curricula, teaching methods are designed with high practicability, which helps students develop in every aspects and prepare to be competent leaders.

The graduate education consists of 1+1 programs where students study one year at IEI and one year at partner universities and in-country programs where students study completely in Vietnam. Choosing one of the programs, students are able to improve knowledge and working skills so as to have greater achievements. 


Recognized university partners around the world

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