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IEC enriched students' awareness and fashion styles through "The power of dressing" training skills class

3/17/2016 5:50:43 PM
(Tuesday, March 15, 2016) – Not only girls but also boys became keenly interested in experiencing the marvelous world of fashion which provided them with comprehensive knowledge and advice on how to master basic fashion rules and make them work in the everyday life.

A large number of young participants attending the first session of the class on March 08, 2016 had a great time to make new friends and exchange opinions with Ms. Huynh Cao Yen Phuong - class instructor (on the left).

As a professional fashion specialist and dedicated trainer, Ms. Huynh Cao Yen Phuong specifically instructed participating students through a series of fundamental guidelines on seasonal fashion trends and mix & match outfits that could conveniently be applied in daily activities and events. 

In addition, all participating members also enjoyed several pleasant chances to receive constructive feedbacks from their friends on the way they mixed and matched their clothes when entering the class.

In such a cozy and friendly atmosphere, English was also regarded as the main language of instruction and communication with numerous tasks and activities which gave students a great deal of joy and comfort in sharing their personal ideas, viewpoints and experience. 

Participating students were getting familiar with some common fashion trends that could be conveniently dressed in many types of events and activities.

Another practical activity that greatly lured the attention of all young participants during the course of events was the fact that each of them was invited to be a sample model standing in front of the class, matching various accessories with the clothes on their body, and then receiving opinions and comments from their classmates.

Hopefully, the class has actually provided you with fundamental knowledge on the latest fashion trends, outfit ideas and appropriate styles for boys and girls in the everyday life. We are looking forward to seeing you again in our upcoming events and activities in the near future.

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