7/27/2016 8:25:00 PM
(Saturday, June 25, 2016) As a monthly event of genuine interest to a large part of young students at IEI and across Ho Chi Minh City, all the passionate members of IEI English Club brought a characteristic flavor to their academic playground by exploring the “2016 Summer Kick-off Day” in an impressive and innovative manner.

The event was held within the Self-Study Hall where participating students could conveniently come and make them an inseparable part of the whole event.

At the beginning, participating members had a pleasant chance to make new friends and obtain fascinating insights about several countries in the world through the General Knowledge Quiz which gave students numerous marvelous moments to experience themselves, learn from peers, and make the summer as memorable as possible.

Group discussions and presentations were among a wide range of activities that required each member to work both collectively and individually to help their own groups finish the tasks given by the Organizing Board.

Each group was asked to showcase first-hand knowledge on a large number of well-known cities across the globe as well as shared personal travel experience with friends and families.

In spite of joining the IEI English Club for the first time, Tran Minh Khanh – undergraduate student of Business Administration major – felt tremendously excited about a series of activities that made him particularly curious and deeply involved in any assigned task with his teammates. He said: “The event was of great significance to my own experience as I and many other peers had a really wonderful time together. We not only shared a variety of viewpoints on the topic but also work closely as an organized team to accomplish the duties guided by the Organizing Board. Now, I feel increasingly confident and look forward to attending more events in the near future.”

As the most impressive part of the entire event, the Fashion Challenge produced many favorable opportunities for participating groups to design their own styles with the “Beach Fashion” concept and then perform them on the catwalk as fashion models.

The primary aim of the Fashion Challenge was to enhance the interaction, connection, information exchange, and sense of confidence among individuals in each group. 

Being particularly keen on fashion styles and trends, Hoang Minh Nguyen – undergraduate student of Computer Science major – actively represented his group as a male model on the runway. Thanks to his group members’ outstanding efforts in designing and making clothes, he had a remarkable performance on the stage. He added “What I feel extremely interested in the Fashion Challenge is the fact that my teammates and I have worked really hard to create our own fashion design and make it work effectively. In addition, this useful task helps us strengthen our creativeness, self-innovation, and characteristics in a welcoming manner. I do love this kind of activity which brings me more meaningful and pleasant moments outside of the classrooms. It is my suggestion that such a significant event should be maintained and held in the near future so that IEI’s students find it a truly ideal location to enrich their English language skills in the everyday life and stay connected with a network of friends around Ho Chi Minh City.”

With their constant efforts and active involvement throughout a large number of activities, each participating member deserved to be a winner of the event. A tiny souvenir gift was given to every participant as a sincere appreciation for what they did and performed during the 2016 Summer Kick-off Day.

See you all in the next IEI English Club or upcoming activities of IEI

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