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IEI English Club made an enjoyable summer holiday with "Fruit Party"

9/4/2015 2:18:15 PM
(Sunday, June 28, 2015) – As a monthly event to stimulate students’ English speaking environment, IEI English Club added a characteristic flavor to the campus activities by exploring the topic “FRUIT PARTY” attracting several participants from IEI, high schools, and universities across Ho Chi Minh City.
The event was considered as an auspicious occasion for students not only to enrich their English language proficiency with peers and friends but also to discover the amazing world of fruits, their benefits to our every lives, and especially the way to enjoy or process different types of fruits on a daily basis. 

Many enthusiastic attendees found it a pleasant chance to meet new friends, widen their social network and make a memorable “fruit party” by sharing their thoughts and opinions on fruits in the everyday life.

In addition, exciting warm-up activities, games and group presentations also played an essential role to help students further enhance their perspectives on why humans had become dependent on fruits as a source of food with generous gifts and various fresh fruits prepared by members of IEI English Club. 

Students got closely connected with each other in generating and developing ideas to fulfill their assigned task.

During the first activity “Food Riddles”, participating students were divided into five groups to identify the name of fruit based on colored pieces of description available on the wall. After five minutes of discussion and group work, every team took turns giving their own answers related to such kinds of fruits as strawberry, mango, durian, longan, and grape, all of which significantly contributed to building and prolonging human lives in a perfectly obvious manner. 
The second activity brought participating students a favorable opportunity to demonstrate their up-to-date knowledge and an abundance of viewpoints regarding various fruits in the form of collective presentation and public speaking activities. 

In this part, each of participating teams was asked to undertake three tasks: describing their own fruit with clues for others to guess; listing its practical benefits to people’s daily life; and demonstrating some of the dishes that could be made with this kind of fruit.

As the most vibrant element of the event, the third activity “Collecting Fruits” created a truly healthy atmosphere for all energetic students as they were encouraged to look for an appropriate list of fruits for a certain dish of food by closely cooperating with their teammates both physically and mentally. 

Thank you all participating students for your genuine efforts during the events and congratulate the winning team for your hard-working spirits and close cooperation among team members.

It is hoped that the event would help you obtain better perspectives on a variety of fruits in our everyday life as well as generate a pleasant English speaking environment for self-learning and networking. We look forward to welcoming you all again in the upcoming events of IEI English Club. 

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