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IEI welcomed Chulalongkorn University's delegation to HCMC

9/5/2015 10:24:58 AM
(Thursday, May 07, 2015) – With the mission of developing the mutual understanding and cooperation ties with educational institutions in the ASEAN Economic Community 2015, the welcoming session for graduate students from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand was well organized at Nguyen Van Thu Campus, District 1, HCMC. The event was attended by high-profile academic administrators and experienced teaching staff from both IEI and the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University.

Founded in 1917 by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI), Chulalongkorn University is one of the best universities in Thailand and Southeast Asia according to several university rankings. It comprises nineteen faculties and institutes.

Warmest greetings and regards to Chulalongkorn University’s delegation on their first-time visit to Ho Chi Minh City. During the meeting, both sides exchanged a great deal of relevant information on Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City, IEI’s English Methodology & Student Extracurricular Activities, and Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Education, which created a perfectly friendly atmosphere and accelerated potential opportunities for further visits among two schools. 

IEI-ers found it a great pleasure to welcome the graduate delegation from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. With their own talents and efforts, IEI-ers had impressive performances in traditional dance with “Áo dài” and on the exciting song of “Party Shaker”.

Mr. Le Huu Chau (left) and Mr. Nguyen Tien Dat (right) shared a brief introduction about Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City, International Education Institute (IEI), and extracurricular activities for its student body

(From left to right) – Nguyen Tan Danh, student of the Undergraduate Cooperation Program shared his memorable study time with IEI’s faculty and academic staff. Later on, representatives from Chulalongkorn University gave a brief overview on its Faculty of Education and expressed a sincere gratitude to IEI’s Board of Directors for hosting such a meaningful meeting.

A group photo captured memorable moments between IEI and Chulalongkorn University. Wish you all good health, happiness, and success in your daily lives.

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