November 15, 2017 07:22 PM

(Saturday, 04 Nov. 2017) – With the purpose of advocating Co Giang Ward’s youth movements and heightening people’s awareness of safeguarding the natural environment, IEI together with People’s Committee of Co Giang Ward organized the “Environmental Protection Fashion Show” night, which was well attended and brilliantly performed by as many as 50 volunteers presently living, studying and working across Co Giang Ward, District 1.

Three couples of IEI-ers presenting in the fashion show included Duong Thien Nhan – Nguyen Bao Lin Da; Tran Anh Khoa – Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy and Ngo Van Linh – Hoang Le Khanh. Although it was their first time to do the catwalk within Luong The Vinh Primary School, the IEI-ers put in truly impressive and sparkling performance in the attractive designs of traditional Vietnamese Ao dai and street-style costumes made from papers or numerous recycled materials which are readily available in the daily life.

All the contestants showcased their elegance and style in “Traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai”. This is not only a practical and meaningful playground for young people, but also a marvelous opportunity to foster the mutual understanding, spirit of solidarity and self-learning between government agencies, schools and organizations in the ward of Co Giang, District 1. 

For IEI-ers, every single moment of their participation in the event had its own meaning and footprint because, according to Nguyen Bao Lin Da, “the fashion competition has given me a lot of unforgettable experiences. Particularly, I myself enjoyed a wonderful chance to stimulate my creativity as well as devote considerable efforts during such a community event. My peers in the design team and I had really fascinating moments to collaborate with and help each other in exploring new ideas and in reaching our primary targets for the entire show. From my own perspectives, the catwalk challenge enabled me to confidently appear in front of the public despite the fact that I have never walked on such a gorgeous runway before. It can be said that this is actually part of my most valuable experiences during my time at IEI.”

Nguyen Bao Lin Da (left) appeared in the yellow traditional Ao Dai together with the other IEI-ers in the evening of 04 November 2017.

According to Duong Thien Nhan, leader of the design team, the way that IEI-ers perforned on the stage this time has illustrated the long-standing tradition of IEI’s student community: “Always heading towards community and building a better world”. In addition, “the entire event closely connected IEI-ers around the campus together. Over the last several days, we have produced a wide range of environmentally – friendly clothes, which symbolized IEI-ers’ enthusiasm and willingness to get engaged in community work. Obviously, those outfits can hardly be finished without the wholehearted support and words of encouragement from other IEI-ers and IEI’s staff members. For prospective applicants, if you are about to be new members of IEI’s student network, I am sure that you will receive a warm welcome and useful assistance from a large number of interesting people who are studying and working throughout the campus.” Nhan shared some of his viewpoints and feelings right after the fashion show performance in the evening of 04 November, 2017

Two undergraduate students, Nguyen Bao Lin Da (left) and Duong Thien Nhan (right) were in the costumes of traditional Ao Dai. Decorated with dragon’s and phoenix’s images, the outfits emphasized the elegance and cultural values of Vietnamese people, along with a vital message: “The traditional Ao Dai has allowed Vietnamese citizens to proudly enter the modern world with their own beauty of soul, intellectual, and physical attractiveness. Hence, the country’s traditional heritage should also be preserved during the course of the fast-changing global economy.

Apart from walking on the runway, 03 IEI’s representative couples and over 10 members of the design group have made collective efforts, from the first days of the event announcement, in seeking ideas for the whole 16 designs of street-style fashion, whose materials are completely available in the nature, including paper and several different recycled products. As the role of designers, IEI-ers were keen on exploring various types of resources and supplies such as plastic bags, drinking straws, CDs, bottle caps, newspapers,…

Not only being greatly interested in the work of fashion design, but Hoang Le Khanh (wearing the yellow street-style skirt on the left) also demonstrated her extraordinary catwalk skills and self-confidence right on the stage. She said: “Undertaking the role of designer, I always would like to highlight the practicality and application of my collection. More importantly, the street-style clothes are totally made from drinking straws, bags, newspapers,… which are used only once and discarded in the environment. Have you ever wondered how these discarded things would become when we throw them out of our house and how they might affect the environment? From those questions, IEI’s design team and I have decided to introduce the street-style fashion collection, which is both environmentally friendly and highly artistic. As Miss Earth 2017 used to say: Climate change is no longer the world’s matter of concern, but the most worrying thing today is people’s awareness.” Khanh said.

From the simple and easily-found materials in the nature, IEI-ers have turned the Environmental Protection Fashion Showinto an impressive community event full of brilliant colors, energy and creativity. Throughout many consecutive days of hard work and great commitments in coming up with innovative design ideas, all members of the design team have demonstrated their self-learning spirits, willingness to challenge, and eagerness to develop artistic creativity in the present globalization era and in the current stage of the country’s economic development. On behalf of IEI and People’s Committee of Co Giang Ward, we would like to express our sincere thanks to IEI-ers for your genuine support, enthusiastic participation and significant contribution to the general success of the entire fashion show. It is our wish that you will always “work hard, play hard” and keep on fostering your creativity so that IEI’s student activities will become more diverse, exciting and be able to meet the increasing needs of many young students who are on the pathway to integrate into the world’s fast-changing economy today.

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