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With nearly 20 years of experience, IEI has committed to continuously improve education quality at international standard, which contributes to a better education of Vietnam.


Welcome to International Education Institute (IEI) – VNU-HCM

As part of the long-term strategy for internationalization of education, VNU-HCM decided to establish International Education Institute (IEI) through the merger of 3 centers which are Center for International Education (CIE), Foreign Language Center (FLC) and Center for Human Resources Development (CHRD). Over years of operations, each of mentioned centers has accumulated sound experience and won the trust in establishing professional studying environment which meets international standard for all students. Hence, this incorporation will enable us to take advantage of the common resources and the existing strengths so as to maximize the performance and position as one of the leading and most credible research and educational centers in Vietnam.

With the slogan “Connecting minds – Inventing futures”, IEI always makes students the top priority to educate and nurture the talents with good knowledge, ethics and living skills. As a result, they are well-prepared to become the future leaders contributing greatly to the national growth.

With our experiences and the support of our partners, the staffs and faculties of IEI commit to work dedicatedly and creatively in future years for developing more education programs to meet student requirements, thereby improve the education quality of Vietnam as a whole.

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