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Important milestones


The Foreign Language Center (FLC) was established to improve English skills of students and faculties in HCMC and the Southern of Vietnam.


The Center for Human Resources Development (CHRD) was established to research and execute educational projects for improving the education quality and developing human resources.


The Center for International Education (CIE) was established to manage cooperation programs signed between VNU-HCM and partner universities.

The first program, Graduate Cooperation Program (GCP) 1+1 with University of Houston-Clear Lake, US started.


The Undergraduate Cooperation Program (UCP) 2+2 with University of Houston-Clear Lake and other public universities in Oklahoma State, US started.


The UCP 1+2 with La Trobe University, Australia started.


The UCP 2+2 with University of Missouri-St. Louis, US started.


The UCP 2+2 with Truman State University, US started.


The Direct Entry Program (DEP) is started to prepare English foundation and study skills for students.


The UCP with Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and University of Northampton, UK started.


The UCP 2+2 with University of Houston, US, GCP 1+1 with Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and Truman State University, US started


The International Education Institute (IEI) is established through the merger of three educational centers FLC, CHRD and CIE with four main functions: Undergraduate and Graduate Education, English Education, Executive Education and Research.

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