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"Travel Around the World" was showcased as the main topic for IEI English Club event in late January 2015

9/10/2015 4:01:50 PM
(Sunday, January 25, 2015) – With a desire to lighten a truly multi-cultural atmosphere for all students, the IEI English Club event with the topic “Travel Around the World” was celebrated at Nguyen Van Thu Campus. This was a wonderful opportunity for enthusiastic participants to share their first-hand knowledge and travel experience in such fascinating countries as China, India, South Korea, Vietnam and the United States as well as further develop their insights on the aesthetic values of these five territories in terms of culture, demographics, economy, and geography. 

(From left to right) – Groups of participants from Vietnam, India, and South Korea introduced their traditional costumes to audience during the first challenge known as Presentation Round

It is widely believed that cultural taboos play an indispensable part in people’s daily lives throughout the world. In order to help students gain a better perspective on this issue, the second challenge of the event brought in a joyous occasion for all groups to demonstrate their acting skills in the Role Play situations where numerous useful details on everyday prohibitions and commandments specific to each nation was cleverly revealed in a highly persuasive and colorful way. 

(From left to right) – 03 groups of the United States, China, and Vietnam illustrated their own countries’ cultural taboos which were of genuine interest to the audience

The central point of the “Travel Around The World” event was put on the third challenge in which various culinary styles of each nation were attractively presented together with internationally delicious dishes such as spring rolls, hamburger, kimbap, curry, and dumpling. 
These practical activities tremendously helped the students become more aware of the utmost importance of cuisine to a country and more importantly, how climate affects the availability of ingredients, which in turn inserts a direct influence on the types of dishes that dominate a particular country or region. 

(From left to right) – Members of such countries as South Korea, Vietnam, the United States, and China were giving a brief introduction on their various types of traditional food that have been known around the world

At the end of the challenges, the Organizing Board awarded souvenir gifts to three outstanding groups who had demonstrated their prominence in presentation, role play, and culinary arts. 

The United States won the first prize (in the middle); the second prize went to India (on the right); and South Korea got the third prize (on the left)

Thank you all for joining us and making such a wonderful night of good food, great entertainment and intense coziness. Hope you had a great time together and look forward to seeing you all again in the upcoming events of IEI English Club.

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