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On 20th June 2019, 40 graduands were honored to receive the Master’s Degree in Business Administration – a graduate affiliate program between Andrews University (the United States) and International Education Institute – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (IEI – VNUHCM).

The graduation ceremony took place in the presence of 40 graduands, teaching professors and all the support staff. In addition, we had the honor of inviting Dr. Andrea Luxton – president of Andrews University, and Associate Professor Dr. Vu Hai Quan – vice chancellor of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM). A speech was given by Mr. Vu Hai Quan on climate change, leadership thinking and technology – 3 major changes happening right now. In his speech, Mr. Vu encourages the younger generation to adapt with the rapidly changing society around us – this is also the goal of teaching.

Associate Professor Dr. Vu Hai Quan places emphasis on the highly effective learning environment that the graduands have and the next generation are going to study in. He mentioned how this has brought about huge advantages for students at IEI. For instance, extensive knowledge and advanced technology imported by Andrews University from the United States of America. He expressed this to be a golden opportunity for academic enrichment if one works hard enough.

Dr. Andrea Luxton then came forward to deliver her speech as a representative of Andrews University (AU). She gladly congratulated the graduands and commented on how proud she is to be present at the graduation ceremony to witness such glorious moment. She reminded graduands to not forget the fact that they will always be a member of the AU family. However, Dr. Andrea Luxton also highlighted how things would go after graduation, as this ceremony only marks an end of formal student life but acts as a foundation for future career development and professional success.

Moreover, she referred the graduands to be the next generation that will change the world to become a better place for everyone. She hopes they enjoyed their time at university and looks forward to hearing from them in the future – sharing inspiring stories on how the graduate affiliate program between AU and IEI – VNUHCM has helped to make Viet Nam more developed.

Over 20 years of partnership and collaboration, professors from both AU and IEI – VNUHCM have been working closely to maintain the high quality of many affiliate programs. We place students at the heart of our operation and hence, we always do our best to ensure we meet the international teaching standards at all levels of the educational system. Also, by understanding the need of modern students, IEI has integrated English support class, life skills training programs, leadership thinking and extracurricular activity into different courses.

Bachelor of Business Administration – an undergraduate affiliate program between AU and IEI – VNUHCM, is a 4-year degree with 125 credits. Students can choose either a 4+0 program (4 years in Viet Nam) or to be transferred to AU (the U.S.) in their final year. With the second option, students will need to obtain a visa before travelling to the U.S., but do not feel pressured as being admitted to an affiliate program will make it much easier for one to be granted a US visa.

Total campus size of Andrews University is 2,400 acres, designated as an arboretum. This includes 26 instructional buildings, “a fine arts performance hall, an airport, four residence halls, and four apartment complexes, as well as many service and support buildings” (Andrews University, 2019). Also, the university does offer some of the biggest scholarships to highly potential Vietnamese students with excellent academic records.

The degrees awarded to students by Andrews University are recognized worldwide. Therefore, graduates can apply for jobs in Viet Nam as well as opening positions in foreign countries after graduation. This boosts their confidence, and thus increasing chances of being accepted by big companies and becoming more successful in their chosen career.

English translation by ĐH