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International Education Institute – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (IEI – VNUHCM) held a graduation ceremony on 21st July 2019 for 51 graduands from both undergraduate and postgraduate France affiliate programs.

Pôle Universitaire Français (PUF) – Ho Chi Minh Ville and IEI – VNUHCM have partnered up to deliver multiple France affiliate programs. Our partnership network consists of many reputed universities in France such as University of Bordeaux, Sorbonne University and Toulouse 1 Capitole University, with some of the main majors being Law Economics and Management, Software Development, Computer Network and Commercial Economy.

The graduation ceremony took place in the presence of Associate Professor Dr. Vu Hai Quan – vice chancellor of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM) and president of IEI – VNUHCM; Prof. Fabien Baldacci – in charge of Master’s program in Informatics of Bordeaux University at IEI; Lecturer Jean-Louis Guy – Affiliated Faculty of Economics and Management from Toulouse 1 Capitole University.

At the ceremony, Mr. Vu Hai Quan mentioned that Consulate General of France in Vietnam very much appreciates the on-going affiliate programs between PUF, VNUHCM and French Universities since 2006. IEI – VNUHCM is believed to keep up this excellent momentum thus, continuing the success. The collaboration between France and Viet Nam is perceived to be an opportunity, yet it is challenging at the same time. He explained that it requires constant innovation to keep improving the quality of teaching, and management model renewal to achieve a more sustainable growth for the affiliate programs, adaptation of globalization.

Professor Fabien Baldacci stated that University of Bordeaux is extremely proud of their students. The degrees they have received do not merely represent the transferable skills gained throughout their study, but these also indicate endless efforts of the lecturers/professors on teaching. Education shows the importance of science and technology in our daily lives, especially how they are continuously developing to ensure a brighter future for humankind. He does hope that the graduates today would turn out to be brilliant people in the future no matter where they are in the world.

Representing Toulouse 1 Capitole University, Mr. Jean-Louis Guy has commented on how talented Vietnamese students are as observed through the number of scholarships won in the recent years – including the “Eiffel” excellence scholarship which can only be granted to the best foreign students. Over the past 4 years, several students from PUF were honored to receive scholarships at Toulouse 1 Capitole University to pursue their study at TSE/TSM. According to him, this had never happened before hence, the proudness and joy.

However, Mr. Jean-Louis Guy did highlight the fact that total enrollment of PUF has seen a decline this year, which is due to the competitiveness of affiliate industry around the globe. Yet, he stressed the quality of teaching should still remind as the heart of our operation. Despite the trend, PUF and IEI – VNUHCM enrollment numbers are relatively stable, with 500 students enrolling each year.

At IEI – VNUHCM, we ensure that students who have graduated from affiliate programs are well-trained and educated with basics to advanced knowledge, as well as practical skills (i.e. teamwork, presentation and foreign language skills) to succeed in an international organization. Moreover, modules are updated each year based on today’s changing professional environment, and freedom of choice for students to select ‘where’ they would like to study – providing that both Viet Nam and France being European standardization education. IEI – VNUHCM has seen its graduates devoted their careers in being a lecturer and a study abroad consultant, helping to guide the next generations to a better educational opportunity.

English translation by ĐH