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Administration Key

Managerial and soft skills courses at IEI focus on in-depth training on professional expertise and necessary working skills for employees. Organized as short-term courses, the program is helpful in building working skills. Each course can be organized separately to specialize in each skill or combined for a complete training program.

img Leaders training

The course consists of 2 parts: Leadership skills and Leadership development for the purpose of raising awareness of the roles and responsibilities of leaders, defining suitable style of leadership and managing changes within organizations.

img Managers training

The course specializes in developing necessary skills for managerial positions in corporates/agencies. The course is designed with 2 stages corresponding to the direction of expertise development for managers at all levels.

Stage 1: training on working skills to work effectively with fellows, play the role of leaders and supporting team members

Stage 2: training on important personal skills such as meetings organization, presentation, problem-solving, etc.

img Officers training

The course is divided into 3 levels corresponding to positions and length of working time, in detail:

Officers with under-2-year experience: training on basic working skills and effective working habits, orientation of career development

Officers with above-2-year experience: training on skills such as conflicts and problems solving, negotiation, logic in debate and presentation skill to prepare for managerial positions

Low-level managers: training focuses on the development of management and leadership ability.

img Sales & Marketing training

The course prepares necessary skills in sales and marketing activities, including both basic skills such as sales, marketing, negotiation, presentation and specialized skills such as leadership, coordination, management of team operations, brand building.

img Human Resources training

The course is to improve the skills and expertise required in recruitment, training and management of personnel activities in organizations. The course includes 10 subjects such as Planning and managing human resources, Training and developing personnel, Health – Safety – Environment (HSE Policy), Employee encouragement, Building ability standards and jobs evaluation, Organization culture, etc.

img Production Management training

The course provides learners with knowledge and skills in production management, which is appropriate to their positions and work tasks.

To low-level managers: in-depth training on basic leadership skills, Kaizen program and 5S tool

To middle-level managers: training on supply chain management, inventory management and Lean production process

img Finance training

The course provides learners with comprehensive understanding about corporate accounting and finance, know-how to define financial risks and provide timely solutions, plan, manage and use potentially financial factors effectively.

img Administration training

The course helps learners improve knowledge, working skills and experiences in office administration. The course includes 2 subjects: Secretary – Office procedures, Professional Administration.

img Mini-MBA course

The course is suitable for those who want to further basic and necessary knowledge for business administration. The course includes 4 subjects: Effective leadership, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management and Marketing Management.

img English Teaching Methods course

The course improves teaching skills and prepares updated teaching methods for learners in HCMC and adjacent provinces.

Meeting organization skill

The course is to explore effective methods to organize meetings, design layout suitable with the meetings’ purposes.

Team building skill

The course helps leaners play an active role in leading teams and directing team growth, be flexible in communication and behaviors toward colleagues for contributing to a cooperative and effective working environment.

Professional customer care skill

The course helps learners understand the importance of customer care, develop basic communication skills with customers, maintain positive and standard attitudes so as to fulfill responsibilities in a professional way.

Management skill

The course provides learners with necessary knowledge and skills to solve daily managerial tasks, lead and manage teams at the best ability.

Negotiation skill

The course helps students explore and apply Win-Win theory, negotiation techniques and strategies and build plan to negotiate successfully.

Tasks planning and assignment course

The course helps learners understand thoroughly the definition of tasks planning and related resources, methods and skills to set objectives, execution plan, tasks prioritization, task management and assignment then apply in their daily work for better achievements.

Interview and recruitment skill

The course provides learners with knowledge of recruitment process, interview methods and standards. The course also prepares communication skills for recognizing better applicants’ abilities and making right decisions so as to improve the quality of corporate human resources.

Presentation skill

The course is to increase learners’ confidence in successful and impressive presentation which meet the expectations of listeners in terms of content and format. The course also provides advices on controlling situations, solving problems, answering questions and using presentation tools.

Professional sales skill

The course helps learners understand sales process, the requirements and techniques of each step, recognition of potential customers and their demands to build and maintain customers relationship effectively.

Communication skill

The course helps learners understand the standard of communication and influential factors, develop skills to build and maintain relationships at work through daily communication activities.

Time management skill

The course provides learners with skills and tools to manage personal time effectively through objectives setting, action plans and tasks prioritization.

Conflict and problems solving skill

The course helps learners understand how to define problems and conflicts, influential factors and solving steps, to apply decision-making methods to solve problems and deal with conflicts effectively and systematically.

Professional marketing skill

The course provides learners with the definition, tools and processes to make marketing plan and strategies, to build brands in competitive business environment.

For enterprises

In the context of economic globalization, the presence of international factors sets requirements in communication in foreign languages. Thus, corporates have set increasing employees’ English proficiency as a prioritized objective to meet the trend of development.

To meet the requirements of each corporate, English courses at IEI are designed with high suitability regardless of business fields and job functions. The main purpose of the courses is improve communication English skills and specialized English abilities.

The course includes:

  • Communication English
  • Communication English for international business
  • English for testing
  • Specialized English

For schools

The English course helps students increase English proficiency and prepare for international certificates. The team of foreign teachers with high expertise and suitable teaching method creates an active and comfortable learning environment where students study confidently and improve their skills continuously.

In addition, the method of direct communication associated with technological tools help students practice more effectively. Through the strict assessment system, students are able to see the improvement in their English ability upon completion.