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  • Year 1996

    The Foreign Language Center (FLC) was established to improve language skills for students, staff and students in HCMC and the South.

  • Year 1999

    Human Resource Development Center (CHRD) was established to research and implement educational projects to improve the quality of human resources training and retraining.

  • Year 2001

    The International Training Center (CIE) was established with the function of managing international training programs established under the agreement signed between VNU-HCM and other partner universities. The first program, Associate Masters (1 + 1) with the University of Houston-Clear Lake, USA was born.

  • Year 2002

    The Associate Degree Program (2 + 2) with the University of Houston-Clear Lake and public universities in Oklahoma State, USA was formally established.

  • Year 2005

    Associate Degree Program (2 + 2) with University of Missouri-St. Louis, the United States was born.

  • Year 2007

    Associate Bachelor's degree (2 + 2) with Truman State University, USA.

  • Year 2008

    The Foundation Program (DEP) is designed to provide students with foundation in English and academic skills.

  • Year 2010

    Associate Bachelor's degrees (2 + 2) with the University of Houston, USA, Master of Associate (1 + 1) with Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and Truman State University, USA in turn.

  • Year 2012

    International Training Institute (IEI) - VNU was established on the basis of merging three FLC, CHRD and CIE centers with four main activities, namely: University and postgraduate associate training; English language training; Corporate Training; Research.

  • Year 2013

    The Master of International Business (2 + 0) program in cooperation with the University of Paris, France is being implemented

  • Year 2015

    The MBA program (2 + 0) affiliated with Norhampton University, UK; The MBA program (2 + 0) affiliated with Andrews University, USA, was launched