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International Education Institute – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh (IEI – VNUHCM) welcomed all alumni to IEI Alumni Reunion Gala “The good old days” on December 14, 2019 at Dong Ho Restaurant, HCMC.

We had the honor of inviting CIE-IEI-PUF Boards of Directors, outstanding lecturers and more than 100 alumni from all around the world to join the event.

Associate Professor Dr. Vu Hai Quan – Vice Chancellor of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh (VNUHCM) and Executive Director of IEI – VNUHCM, came forward to give a welcome statement as a representative of IEI. He stated that the institute has partnered with many prestigious universities in developed countries such as USA and France, to provide Vietnamese students with various affiliate programs tailored to their needs. He also placed emphasis on the importance of maintaining and improving the current teaching quality standard of IEI, as well as the trust and beliefs of the alumni for the institute, promoting pride in IEI – VNUHCM.

Mr. Pham Hoang Nhan – CEO at Bachy Soletanche Vietnam and IEI alumnus, then delivered a speech on his university experience back in the 2000s – when English was not a dominant global language. He said his first year was conducted in full English, and he expressed how concerned he was about the language barrier. Yet, with the thoughtful advice from lecturers as well as endless efforts, he had successfully passed year one in Viet Nam and could then be transferred to the U.S. to complete his final year. However, student visa was considerably hard to obtain back then, but Mr. Tran Van Hien – a former lecturer in GCP 1+1 program and is now a professor at University of Houston – Clear Lake, said to him “you guys study this transfer program, 95% of you will get a U.S. visa”. Unexpectedly, it happened as he predicted and all of those who went for interviews that day have obtained the visa. At the end of his speech, Mr. Pham expressed his hope that IEI would continue being the place where dreams come true, and the institute would continuously help its surrounding society in addressing current societal challenges.

Moreover, IEI would like to thank all of the alumni who had generously contributed and supported the event on the day. We were pleased to have given out a number of sponsorship recognition and souvenir bouquets.

The Gala closely came to an end as two game shows proceeded. Alumni were divided into 3 teams for the first game – gesture game, and the other was an individual contest. Mr. Truong Quang Duoc – former Executive Director of IEI and member of IEI Council, was then invited on stage as a representative of IEI, to present the respective rewards to the alumni.

IEI hopes that alumni have had a good time at the Reunion Gala and the event has brought everyone closer, making new and precious memories for ones to always cherish and remember.