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» News » WELCOME WEEK – ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020 (Part 1)



International Education Institute (IEI) welcoming all students back to school with lots of exciting events during Welcome Week (09/9 – 13/9/2019), kick-starting the new academic year 2019 – 2020.


Day 1 (09/9/19) – Stay active with fitness dance

To start off the thrilling week, Ms. Tran Ngoc Quynh had conducted a skills training class – known as Fitness Dance, where students get to express themselves through creative dancing. The feedback was rather positive as IEIers were not only burning off all the calories, but also passionately dancing their shyness away. This is indeed the so-called ‘magic of music’, nurturing our mind, pampering our sense and bonding us with each other. The first day ended with tiredness that can be seen from the face of the ‘dancers’, but all were well and even excited for what was about to come next.

Day 2 (10/9/19) – Let’s learn some communication strategies

Picking up the pace of the welcome week, IEIers had attended a seminar with Ms. Huynh Cao Yen Phuong about communication strategies in a diverse and global environment. This is an example of a lifelong learning, which will help us stay relevant in the ever-changing world. Ms. Yen Phuong has also mentioned the role of etiquette and manners in everyday communication, making students aware of how important it is to have good manners and etiquette in daily life in order to create a good impression. The class ended after an engaging Q&A session with reflective questioning and mixed feelings. The discussion was then closed and off to anticipating another productive day.

Day 3 (11/9/19) – Field trip day with an orientation session

To make the week an especially exciting time, IEI had arranged a cultural and historical field trip to Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City. The students expressed their curiosity as well as a strong drive to learn through active listening and attentive reading. This acts as a proof of mankind’s infinite power sources – curiosity and creativity, just as Ms. Yen Phuong mentioned the other day.

After the field trip at Independence Palace, IEIers came back to the institute to attend an orientation session with Mr. Le Huu Chau. The content being rather formal (e.g. regulations, policies and guidelines) had put pressures on students about how to behave socially and not violate the rules. However, Mr. Le Huu Chau’s great sense of humor drove those worries away. The room was filled with laughter and joys, with students expressing their fondness for his presentation. Day 4 has come to an end just like that, and do stay tuned for upcoming surprises at the end of our welcome week.

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