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On November 28th, IEI organized an educational excursion to Yakult Vietnam’s Factory at Thuan An, Binh Duong where students would be introduced to the main parts of human digestive system, and the role of probiotics in digestive health.

Kick-starting the trip was a quiz about the ratio of what is perceived as a healthy bacterial balance. With great enthusiasm, IEIer has given the correct answer being 85% of good bacteria and 15% of bad bacteria, earning a little reward for himself as a souvenir from Yakult. At the end of the presentation, all students were given an opportunity to enjoy a freshly made Yakult each. This acts as sampling session to satisfy the curiosity of those students who had not tried the drink before.

After the informative session about the beneficial effects of probiotics, IEI students then moved to another area to observe the production process of Yakult. This is where the magic begins, they said. While visiting the production line in the factory, students were seen queuing up waiting to be introduced to the operation. Many students also lined up to view Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain under the magnification of a microscope. Some students expressed that they have gained a better understanding into the product as their questions were being answered and discussed throughout the tour.

IEI hopes that through this excursion, students will become more educated on the subject about the digestive health. IEI looks forward to them making real life application of the knowledge learned today, keeping a healthy bacterial balance to maintain their good health in order to progress with their studies in the future.